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By in portfolio on January 31, 2018

copywriting services by wensley

Copywriting Services by Wensley

Hire me and I will take the heavy load of content creation off your shoulders.

With my professional copywriting services you will get a high-quality product. I’ve more than twenty years of experience writing and advertising for big audiences in different digital amateur and underground platforms. I’ve been writing commercial copy for the last five years. I yearn to be your content and copy call-to person!


Get Elite Copywriting

You will be a winner with my copy and content services. I’m open to write any piece of content for you. I can write thousands of words on a single day. More than three thousand, and up to seven thousand. In my case quantity does really mean quality. I’m obsessed with editing and have a perfectionist bent that makes me edit on the fly. The result is a copy that is a delight to read even from the first proof-reading.

When you hire me, first we will have a chat or email exchange in which you will tell me a rough outline of the story you want to tell, the format you would like for it, its style and length and I will get to research it further and work on the ideas right away.


Content Delivery Service

With my copywriting and content delivery services, you will get content and copy that are grounded in fact, research and hard data. I am no hack at this. I will resort to books, encyclopedias, academic papers, etc., to research your copy or content to bring value to your customers and clients, and to you.

You’ll provide as much information on the work as you think will be pertinent. I will complement that information with additional research on the subject matter, customer segments, markets, and competition. You will get a report on my research and the materials I used to supplement what you gave.

Then I’ll start writing the content that you requested.

You will set the deadline day. I will work towards delivering the content and copy before the deadline. If you aren’t satisfied with the content or copy, you will get two rounds of revisions.


Act Now!

If you start our deal through the form on this website, you get a 15{0bc93539f1061688bfec0a90fc32a2acba3e45380d8bf45202d582a7f0edb817} Discount Offer for your first six orders with me. Please note that this is a no-strings-attached offer. You aren’t obliged to buy the remaining five pieces.

Trade Discount Offer, add 5{0bc93539f1061688bfec0a90fc32a2acba3e45380d8bf45202d582a7f0edb817} to the 15{0bc93539f1061688bfec0a90fc32a2acba3e45380d8bf45202d582a7f0edb817} if the content that you need is for the amusement, entertainment or leisure industries.


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