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The Matrix Of Death Poetry Series

Lex Taylor is an unpublished poet since he started writing poems twelve years ago. He traveled around the world since he was twenty-one years old and does not seem to settle down anywhere in particular. The Matrix Of Death, his death poetry series, is out. Lex aims at changing the present phase of poetry of shallow blank verse, with a return to the source; to its roots of form and technique.

December the 22nd, 2011 — The Matrix Of Death, Lex Taylor’s poetry tetralogy about the dead and death, mixes old verse forms from many different countries, like senryu, French sonnet, English sonnet, Italian sonnet, Spencer sonnet, Onegin stanza, triolet, rondel, adage, villanelle, sestina, ramal, rub’ai, ghazal, ode and elegy.

The series consists of Shangaii Of The Dead, Guffs Of The Dead, Loves of The Dead and Homesickness Of The Dead. Each book explores a set of feelings more or less incompatible with the feelings expressed in the other volumes. Each volume has subsets of that feeling too.

The companion site is Taylor’s experiment at a taxonomy of death and dying in general, but also on death industry and death-oriented poetry. It aims at providing the most definitive and precisely classified repository of death-related information in the public domain, without forsaking informal death-oriented things.

Lolupa Writers Publishing is Lex Taylor’s new alternative-press label. The founder carries on his back more than eighteen years experience in the field of alternative electronic publishing; having once belonged to the acclaimed underground art collective known as ACiD Productions.

Contact: Lex Taylor, founder of Lolupa Writers Publishing
LexTaylor.AAA [ at ]

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