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Dear Shannon:

I’m submitting this letter of inquiry on behalf of Primlabs SRL, to request your consideration to receive our Virtual Reality Amusements Stand investment proposal.

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CRM flow


About ZeroBS CRM

ZeroBS CRM is a free CRM system for sites based on WordPress. Installation is a snap, as simple as any other WordPress plugin. The developers of ZeroBS CRM call it a super simple CRM. It’s true, it’s very minimalist and to the point.

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roswell incident still

Even though movies featuring aliens have a long pedigree dating back to the 1950s (Earth vs The Flying Saucers, This Island Earth, It Came From Outer Space, etc), only in the last decade or so alien movies have become truer to alien/UFO real-life lore, with narratives that take inspiration from real-life accounts of alien and UFO phenomena.

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A short interactive fiction sample I wrote using Twine. Twine is an open source interactive fiction authoring software created by Chris Klimas.

  • Name: Black Witch
  • Genre: Cosmic Horror
  • Length: 3000 words of content
  • Time-frame: 1987

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Fifteen Classic First Person Shooters That You Should Know — The First Three Ages (1992-2003)


While the concept of a game about shooting from a first-person perspective was born with Jet Rocket by Sega in 1970 — and notwithstanding the almost four dozens of first-person games from ‘70 up to ‘92 — its appropriate to note that the first shooter to become ported to many platforms, and to become highly popular as a consequence, was Wolfenstein 3D, released in May ‘92.

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copywriting services by wensley

Copywriting Services by Wensley

Hire me and I will take the heavy load of content creation off your shoulders.

With my professional copywriting services you will get a high-quality product. I’ve more than twenty years of experience writing and advertising for big audiences in different digital amateur and underground platforms. I’ve been writing commercial copy for the last five years. I yearn to be your content and copy call-to person!

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Broadband BBSing — A Case Study on Contemporary BBS Use


Wensley Evolo


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BBSing Today — Obsolescence vs Coolness


Wensley Evolo


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hiking during el nino in south america

A Hike of Unforgiving Rains

Dealing with a climatic alert state, like the El Niño current while on a hike, is not easy if you are alone in the mountains and your hiking and mountaineering experience and abilities are limited. This is a narration of a bad experience that could have ended up much worse, considering how dangerous it became.

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Transform Your Manuscript into an eBook Ready to be Sold

the electronic book


To create an eBook is tricky. It’s tough to do it the first time, but it gets easier with experience and practice, and finally, it becomes a snap to do it.

I’ll dissect the process of creating an eBook from a manuscript to a finished eBook with EPUB, PDF and Mobi versions.

All the tools used to create an eBook with this guide are free and available for download. They work with the manuscript in HTML form, but no HTML knowledge is required.

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