Hatha Yoga: an Easy way to Achieve Fitness

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The Ubhaya-Padangusthasana Hatha Yoga Posture

There are records of hatha yoga that hark back as far as one millennium BC. Hatha is the physical exercise branch of the Indian philosophic system called yoga. The benefits of regular hatha yoga practice are too many to mention here. The most noticeable results are improved elasticity of the joints and the body in general, rejuvenation, a balance of the practitioner’s metabolism, and an improved immune system.

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Mystery Train

A Long Train of Aesthetic Pleasure

Passing by Memphis, Tennessee

No-wave cinema. Still from Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch

I went into Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train without expectations, my only feeling for this movie before watching it, other than the hope of seeing and learning things about Memphis, was the prejudiced notion that I would not like it as I liked his other movies, the ones I thought were more underground, and perfect examples of the no-wave film movement, like Permanent Vacation and Stranger Than Paradise.

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There is going to be 200 million VR headsets sold by 2020. The research firm tractica forecasts that the market for consumer virtual reality content and hardware will reach a whopping $21.8 billion of revenue by 2020.

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My First Attempt at Selling to Hollywood

One day I got Syd Field’s Screenplay, and from the moment I’ve read the passage in which Field talks about compensation, even with the Writers Guild of America minimum rates for 1984, $11200 for low-budget and $20800 for high budget (around $27130 and $50300 in 2017 dollars) I decided to become a screenplay writer, mainly because I guessed that a writing that commanded those figures for compensation should be high-standard.

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Design of Responsive and SEO Websites

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PC Repair

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Best Eleven Horror Movies About Cemeteries

Many love graveyards, and cinema for taphophiles has a long-standing of sixty-plus years. The movies in this list are only those that include the theme of the cemetery, graveyard, mortuary, etc as an intrinsic story element, that I have seen. Please feel free to add your comments and recommend more below.

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AdHit Express Matrix System

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