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I offer you the peace of mind that a professional, captivating, selling, curiosity-generating and viral copy for a product, brand or service by me will give you.

Do not worry about material you need but don’t want, or can’t, write. Stand out with confident and superior copy that achieves the desired results. Generate leads, capture potential customers and convert today with my copy.

I’ve more than twenty years experience in the field of digital publishing and digital copywriting. I’ve realized myself in every literary way I wanted to, but I stopped being so self-centered and became a giver of awesomeness and value to others.

What follows in this page are some content types.

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Any quantity of words. Articles are the blood of the vast majority of content on the Internet. They are a very necessary marketing and audience generation tool.


Blog Entry / Blog Entry for Commercial Site

While blogging is a thing of the past for many, it really isn’t. The blogosphere is more alive than ever and the contents found in it are many times superior to content in other formats.


Landing Page / Capture Page

Logical extensions of alerts, results in search engines and signals in social networks. These pages, on the visual marketing mix of the product are oriented to produce an action by the interested party.


Site Informative Copy

Parts shorter than an article that serve to explain to a customer the performance of a product, service, and so on.


Content Strategy

Chronological diagramming of a content marketing strategy. It takes place through different channels to generate popularity of a brand, product or service.


Social Network Entry

One of the many techniques of content strategy is the regular update of status in social networks. They are used to make potential customers interested and visit the site of the product or a page of arrival.


Advertising Copy

Drafts of the content of advertisements.


Direct Advertising Copy

Writing the content of email campaigns, sales letters and coupon ads to achieve direct action on the part of the audience. These campaigns, like others, but especially these, are a great way to measure the degree of acceptance of a brand, product or service.


Ad Copy / Open Letter

Ads that do not seek to sell anything in particular, for example: newspapers.


Sales Letter

For sales campaigns, landing pages, email campaigns, capture pages, and so on.


Email Marketing Content

For mass campaigns and automated campaigns via email. When creating a list you get customer prospects that initially proved to be interested, so that relationship should be nurtured by getting the most important news about the topic, offers, promotions and quality content.


Push Notification

Content initiated by a company’s server and its applications for the brand’s mobile marketing strategy. While certain leads may take push notifications as spam (unwanted content), others may make use of the same that would otherwise not have occurred.



Content, design and edition of magazines to promote a brand. Magalogs are a great way to create an audience and customers for a product, service or brand. When investing in a magalog, the client not only has an in-house publication, but also an active part in the production team.


Video Script

Video scripts in general.


Script for Commercial

Screenplays for commercials, TV, YouTube, and others channels.


Notices for Printed or Digital Promotion

Drafting of the content of notices for magazines, newspapers, web.



Brief contents for the reverse of postcards. Postcards are a great way to place a brand, service, organization or whatever is at the forefront of the audience’s awareness and memory.


Business Writing

White paper, report, research, requests for proposal, business plan, grant request, newsletter, corporate newsletter.



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